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What is an Artrepreneur?

An artrepreneur is someone who merges their artistic skills and business expertise to become successful. 


The Journey

My Journey begins with music, I came across a computer program called Fruity Loops that people used to make music back in the year 2000. Surprised by my own talents and good feedback from my peers, I went full throttle and fell in love with making music. I went on to produce 6 albums, only to find myself touring the country and co-writing another 2 albums along with countless singles. 22 years, 10 pounds, 2 studios and 1 gallon of tears later I found myself standing in my own multi-media production studio. Providing artist development, digital marketing, branding, video production, website design, audio engineering, music production, and some emotional support as well. Fast forward to today, I now sit at the board of G&M Legacy Holdings Corp with three other partners who help me manage my five successful businesses with plans of launching "Kreate" my non profit organization in the near future. "Kreate" will build inner city studios to enrich and teach the youth creative disciplines which will in turn aid the local business community by providing those same creative disciplines as a free service.

My Companies

As the global solution to cost management and operational expansion, we’ve developed strategic consulting programs to effectively address the needs of your business clients. We strive to help entrepreneurs scale their business and increase their profits.

This is the music imprint that backs Mr.Milan, the Music Producer x Recording Artist. The imprint also produces music for other artists, TV, and Film.

A creative boutique agency that specializes in "out of the box" concepts for marketing and branding. We provide photography, videography, and GFX Design. 

My purpose is simple, aside from maximizing your tax refunds, fixing your credit, keeping you and your family safe, and helping you build wealth step by step, I'm here to provide you with financial education. 

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